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The obix team run an open discussion forum courtesy of sourceforge. The forum is the primary port-of-call for support issues and help. We do ask that users do not abuse the forum by posting questions or issues that can be resolved by a thorough read of the documentation. Needless to say, before making a posting, please search the archives to ensure that someone else hasnít made a similar [or related] one that answers your questions. You are also advised to subscribe to the mailing lists detailed in the next section, as this is the only way to ensure that you are notified of feature updates and bug fixes.

If you do feel that you need to make a posting, either because of a perceived bug or lack of functionality (feature request), we would be grateful if you include as much *relevant* information as possible in your posting. To guarantee that your problem is resolved, we recommend that you create a small test case which clearly demonstrates your problem, and provide all test data and configuration files required to run that test caseóout of the box.

Mailing Lists

We encourage users to sign up to the following mailing lists in order to keep up to date with releases and new techniques. Alternatively, please ensure that you check the project website regularly for new features and updates.

  • obix-framework-announcements Subscribe to this list to receive notifications of new releases, including feature updates and bug-fixes.
  • obix-framework-tipsandtricks Subscribe to this list if you would like to receive nuggets of wisdom on how to get the best out of the framework, and on Java and XML development in general.